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        1. Welcome To Zhejiang Chenghang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.


          ZheJiang ChengHang International Logistics Co.,Ltd. mainly operates Southeast Asia routes currently. Its main business is export to Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia and the business volume of export to countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Israel, etc. is also increasing. The company was established since June 2015, it always takes business philosophy ‘honest, pragmatic, struggling, innovative’ as its business philosophy, positions itself as all-round logistics service which mainly aims at international shipping and air freight agent and combines transportation, customs declaration, warehousing, distribution and supply chain. It focuses on providing customers with international integrated logistics service which is “professional, safe, efficient, value added” and strives to become the first choice of customers.

          CONTACT US

          Phone: +86 15669533533、+86 17757945488

          Address: Room 509, 5/F, Block B, No. 266 Chengxin Avenue, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province

          E-mail: 847992396@qq.com

          Url: www.bilinsocial.com

          Copyright @ZheJiang ChengHang International Logistics Co.,Ltd.  Address: Room 509, 5/F, Block B, No. 266 Chengxin Avenue, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province  Tel: +86 15669533533  Design: www.kckj.cc  Record No.: zhe ICP Bei No. 19011545-1
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